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SYNLAB Environmental in Ireland

SYNLAB have long experience in understanding the specific requirements of customers in the “Island of Ireland” with a successful  track record in supporting companies from a range of sectors – from those involved in construction and brownfield redevelopment,  waste management, utilities, manufacturing and production.

Our ISO17025 and MCerts accreditations in the UK are officially recognised by the Irish National Accreditation Board, INAB, through European and International Laboratory cooperation agreements allowing us to offer accredited results to our customers in Ireland.  

A dedicated Account Manager, with support of Customer Service teams, provide effective support for customers in Ireland. More recently, the full introduction of our market-leading @mis data management solution, has allowed even better control of activities for Irish customers, giving real-time visibility into all aspects of the process from sampling through the lab to reporting.


This key aspect of our service is delivered through our dedicated logistics partner, Aramex who offer a fast and reliable drop-off and pick-up service across Ireland. Apart from managing a local stock of sampling bottles and containers in Ireland, Aramex also provide a nightly consolidation run, via Holyhead, into our main laboratory in Hawarden, North Wales (less than an hour from the ferry port). This ensures that time-dependent testing from even the remotest parts of Ireland can be conducted within 24 hours of sampling, ensuring results can be issued within holding times.  Again, the introduction of @mis ordering and data management supports this process much more effectively than offline paper-based systems.


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Martin Webster

Account Manager

Tel: +44 (0) 7800803057  


Customer Service Team

Tel: +44 (0) 1244 528 774    


Collections and Deliveries

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