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Benefits of Investigation analysis with SYNLAB

1. Experience – SYNLAB are the Benchmark in Investigation analysis

Our quality and auditing processes are at pharmaceutical industry levels and we have the highest levels of laboratory accreditation with ISO 17025, ISO 14001 and ISO 18436 meaning SYNLAB is the lab you can trust with your machinery.

SYNLAB process thousands of samples per day routinely from equipment just like yours and our diagnostician team has a combined 120 years experience in monitoring, trending and giving advice on all types of lubricated and fuel systems. Our investigation team has a combined 50 years of diagnostic experience in analysis materials, compounds and deposits and have extensive experience in oil additive production and formulation.

Even our competitors recognise we are the benchmark in investigation analysis, with many recommending us or subcontracting investigations such as these to us.

Put simply - You cannot be in safer hands than with SYNLAB.

2. Branding – Give added value to your customers and introduce new revenue schemes

If you do not recognise the name SYNLAB with regards to oil analysis this means we are doing a very good job for our customers as you may not have even realise our laboratory performed the analysis. Our white labelling of our website and report options allows you to brand our oil analysis with your livery giving better customer relations to your customers and a potential revenue scheme to you from selling on the analysis service to your customers. Currently there are over 300 different brands of oil analysis with our customers livery that are all tested at our laboratory. Which are the brands that use us? If you have received an oil analysis report from an oil company, filter company or OEM that is branded with their livery on the report then it is highly likely that SYNLAB performed the analysis. Why not contact SYNLAB about our branding options and how we have help you build your business using SYNLABs analysis.

3. Variable Testing – Just give us a Question and Let us Answer it for you.

For these types of investigation it is impossible to have a set test suite, as initial tests will choose the direction the investigation takes. If you would like some more information about our investigation services please contact