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Benefits of Transformer Analysis with SYNLAB

Transformers and oil filled insulating systems are usually large investments and provide the most the important aspect to the majority of all industries – POWER.

How we can help

  • Reduce Transformer downtime.
  • Identify excessive overheating and overloading within the transformer.
  • Identify Arcing within the transformer.
  • Detect loose connections and badly butted joints.
  • Alerts you to possible paper insulation embrittlement.
  • Diagnose Tap-Changer problems e.g. burning contacts.


Types of Analysis

  • Routine: Monitor contamination, water content, acidity and dielectric strength of transformer oil to identify root causes of problems before they lead to failure of your system.
  • DGA: Dissolved Gas Analysis is a must have tool to ensure your equipment remains in peak condition. By looking at concentrations of specific combustible gases then applying various diagnostic tools to identify fault conditions within the system. 
  • PCB – These are synthetic chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbons which have excellent thermal and electrical properties. However, this stability has made them resistant to biodegradation and is a cause for concern in regards to environment pollution. The use of PCB's was banned in 1986 however due to common handling facilities this has led to widespread contamination. PCB content in new equipment should be measured to confirm it is PCB free before waste disposal.
1. Experience - SYNLAB are the benchmark in Transformer Oil Analysis 
Our quality and auditing processes are at highest laboratory industry levels and we have the highest levels of laboratory accreditation with ISO 17025, ISO 14001 and ISO 18436 meaning SYNLAB is the lab you can trust with your machinery SYNLAB are independent and not tied to any OEM or oil company meaning that your report is truly independent. Maintaining this independence and impartiality is so important to us that ‘Integrity First’ is our number one company value that all members of our laboratory team from a laboratory technician to our CEO embrace on a daily basis.
2. Branding - Give added value to your customers and introduce new revenue schemes
If you do not recognise the name SYNLAB or Lubetrend with regards to oil analysis this means we are doing a very good job for our customers as you may not have even realise our laboratory performed the analysis. Our white labelling of our website and report options allows you to brand our oil analysis with your livery giving better customer relations to your customers and a potential revenue scheme to you from selling on the analysis service to your customers. Currently there are over 300 different brands of oil analysis with our customers’ livery that are all tested at our laboratory.
Which are the brands that use us? If you have received an oil analysis report from an oil company, filter company or OEM that is branded with their livery on the report then it is highly likely that SYNLAB performed the analysis. Why not contact SYNLAB about our branding options and how we have help you build your business using SYNLAB’s analysis.