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Campylobacter Testing

To quickly and accurately measure your Campylobacter count on fresh whole chickens SYNLAB have developed a new, state of the art Rapid Campylobacter Test.

Using a Chromogenic medium, specifically formulated to aid the isolation of Campylobacter, this test provides an accurate colony count with a definitive Rapid Conformation Test using MALDI-TOF advanced technology – all within 48 hours from receipt of your sample at our laboratory. Delivering a confirmed Campylobacter count 2 days after sample preparation rather than a typical 3 to 4 day turnaround enables you to make quicker decisions in your supply chain process.


Poultry Club

The SYNLAB Poultry Club assists and informs on laboratory practices for those involved in the poultry industry, including benchmarking of Campylobacter contamination levels.  Membership is available to any customer sending regular chicken samples for testing to our laboratories. 

As a member of the poultry club you will receive:

A monthly newsletter - this will include relevant news and recent articles specific to the poultry industry alongside more generalised meat supplier information.

A Campylobacter performance chart - Campylobacter is a current hot topic in the poultry industry. The Food Standards Agency’s on-going ACT campaign (Acting on Campylobacter Together) includes some tough Campylobacter targets for retail suppliers. If you submit your samples to SYNLAB for Campylobacter testing we’ll issue you a monthly report showing how your samples rate in comparison to the overall Campylobacter levels of all poultry samples we’ve tested during that period. 

Customer confidentiality is paramount to us so no names will appear on the chart.

Technical support - Help and advice with any of your poultry testing requirements. We are also proactive in bringing members together to better understand issues and encourage proactive contact within the group.

Email: for more details