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Excellence in Customer Service awarded to SYNLAB Analytics & Services Oosterhout B.V.s


 SYNLAB, who have a large laboratory in Rotherham have been awarded the prestigious ‘ServiceMark’ award.

ServiceMark is awarded by The Institute of Customer Service. It’s the national standard recognising an organisation's achievement in customer service, and its commitment to upholding those standards.  It is awarded based on customer feedback and a thoroughassessment of employee engagement with the organisation's customer service strategy. It helps organisations of all sizes and sectors understand how effective their customer service strategy is, and identifies areas for improvement.  Once a high standard is demonstrated they may qualify for Service Mark based on customer and employee surveys and process reviews. Put simply, if an organisation’s employees are happy and the customers are happy and the organisation has clear commitment and processes to sustain this, then they might be assessed by the ICS as qualifying for Service Mark.

 “Service Mark fits perfectly with how we work as an organisation. Every one of the samples we test is important and so is every one of our employees because the quality of our service is down to them. We want to be friendly and fun to work with as well as reliable and trusted, based on good science. The Service Mark award is another milestone that shows we are going in the right direction. Not only are we committed to giving our customers the best possible experience we can but we are now delivering it day in, day out.” says Mike McCorkell, Managing Director.

SYNLAB is the first commercial laboratory in the UK to achieve this award, alongside large companies like National Grid, Westfield Health and more.  SYNLAB has five food & water testing laboratories throughout the UK and Rotherham is their flagship operation to serve these markets with a number of different laboratories under one roof.  Their core business is testing food and waters to ensure safety, quality assurance and authenticity. SYNLAB are proud of their local Rotherham team of 175 people who work hard to offer a fantastic service to all their customers .

Employing dozens of scientists, microbiologists, chemists and technicians, as well as customer service, IT, marketing and finance teams, this laboratory group is known for its dynamic, friendly and energetic employees who are not only talented in testing but  also great to work with. These scientists help the food industry ensure our food is safe to eat, and water clean for use. Customers include food factories,  takeaways and restaurants, retailers and a whole range of institutions -,  care homes, hospitals, schools, businesses  and leisure centres to name just a few.  Testing includes screening for harmful bugs such as Legionella in water, Listeria, Salmonella and Campylobacter in foods, confirming nutritional content (fat, sugar, salt, etc) on food labels and checking foodstuffs for no fewer than 14 potential allergens. SYNLAB also use molecular biology techniques to assure the authenticity of food. If there’s imported river cobbler in your cod fish-fingers or your beef burger contains horse, SYNLAB’s DNA tests will find it.

The Rotherham laboratory has seen significant growth in recent times and is often looking for new recruits. Attitude and buying in to the service culture is key and many roles do not require experience - please find details of our current vacancies here.


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