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Environmental Consultants

Although we are a trusted partner to the world’s top 20 environment consulting organisations, with our accreditations and recognitions allowing testing in the majority of countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa, we also work extensively with mid-tier and independent consultants in the UK and Ireland supporting their analytical requirements.

Our business model allows for fast and efficient handling of testing for simpler projects as well as the provision of specialist advice and support for larger projects or those where analytical requirements are more complex. Our teams have wide experience across a range of different types of projects with considerable depth of knowledge in both frequently encountered and more unique contaminants.

Our award winning online @mis system has considerable flexibility to allow for different programme/project constructs – for example where a consultant is deploying specialist SI/GI contractors in the site investigation phase it is possible for them to take and log the samples but for the consultant to apply their testing regime online themselves, taking into account any other sources of information (eg. from desk study) which influence this. This extends to capability to input GAC or other site-specific risk criteria into @mis and take advantage of real-time alerting.

In terms of educational and technical support SYNLAB is always happy to host laboratory tours, arrange company or contaminant specific webinars (alongside our main Wednesday webinar programme) or develop specific education packages to support consultants in bringing on board new staff.

We are also an effective one stop shop for large scale and multi-country projects including subcontractor management, import licensing and logistics, and coordination of geotechnical testing requirements where needed.