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Expert Contact

Professor K Clive. Thompson


Position: Chief Scientist at ALcontrol UK and a huge asset to our business.

Clive is not only an incredibly knowledgeable scientist, he is also very approachable and keen to share his experience and assist our customers where needed. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry; Chartered Chemist; Chartered Scientist; Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management; Fellow of the Royal Institute of Public Health; Visiting Professor at Brunel University, London; Member of the American Chemical Society; Member of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. He has a Distinguished Service Certificate from British Standards and is the holder of the 2003 Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) Environmental Medal. 

Clive serves on the Board of Trustees at SCI and also serves on the Science and Enterprise; Environment; Food and Health and Safety Groups of SCI.  Over the last 40 years, he has gained very broad experience in the management of environmental analysis laboratories. He has managed laboratories at both Severn Trent and Yorkshire Water. He also worked for the Metropolitan Water Board, the predecessor of Thames Water, whilst studying at Imperial College for his degree and subsequent PhD.  

Having produced over 50 peer-reviewed papers and a number of books, Clive has also carried out expert witness work and has helped to organise over 20 successful three day international conferences on a wide range of topics.  He also ran the LEAP Proficiency Scheme for over 10 years, until it was sold to MAFF (now Fera) in 2000.  This scheme covered a wide variety of chemical and microbiological parameters in waters, effluents and soil. He has a number of UK and worldwide professional contacts.



Environmental - Specialising in the Investigation of Contaminated Land

Geraint Williams

Geraint Williams –

Position - Senior Environmental Scientist at ALcontrol UK.

Background - In the 1990s Geraint worked as an Environmental Consultant for a capital infrastructure project with responsibility for site investigation, risk assessment and remediation.  With over 15 years experience, he has been involved in the assessment of a broad range of former industrial sites in the UK. Furthermore he had involvement in many overseas projects including investigations in the Middle East, Ukraine and Central Asia. In 2010, he was a member of UNEP's team of international experts in an independent and comprehensive assessment of the environmental and public health impacts of oil contamination in the Niger Delta. He has authored many peer-reviewed papers and has been a frequent speaker at conferences organised for ALcontrol's clients. He is a fellow of the Geological Society. He serves on the Executive Committee of the Association of Geotechnical & Geo Environmental Specialists (AGS). Geraint participates in specialist groups including the Society of Brownfield Risk Assessment (SoBRA) groundwater vapour modelling subgroup and contaminated land working groups within the AGS and Environmental Industries Commission (EIC).


Food Microbiology 


Julie Hulme –

Position – Technical Manager – UK Food Division – which comprises a group of five laboratories spread across the UK from Glasgow to Devon.

Job Role - Part of Julie's role is to provide technical support to clients including; on site visits to assist in the resolution of microbiological issues, to assist with the investigation of anomalous results, dealing with general technical/methodology queries; to assist with the review of microbiological testing suites with respect to compliance with retailer codes of practise & microbiological criteria regulations,  assist with the review of microbiological specification limits with respect to compliance with retailer codes of practise & microbiological criteria regulations and involvement in client review meetings, laboratory visits & audits.

Julie joined ALcontrol in August 1992 as a trainee Laboratory Technician whilst undergoing qualification at college and then attended Wolverhampton University (on day release) studying BSc Microbiology. Having performed several job roles within ALcontrol as Laboratory Technician, Microbiologist, Laboratory supervisor, Team Leader, Microbiology Laboratory Manager (2001 -2005), Group Microbiologist (2005 – Sept 2008) and Technical Account Manager (2008 – 2011), Julie was then seconded to the Dunstable site as Microbiology Laboratory Manager, providing occasional cover for the Site Manager & Customer Services Manager. Prior to taking on her current role she was Site Manager at our Shrewsbury laboratory.


Alex Parham –

Position – Group Microbiologist – UK Food Division - which comprises a group of five laboratories spread across the UK from Glasgow to Devon.

Qualification - Degree in Microbiology – University of Nottingham – specialising in Food Microbiology – Pathogens, Spoilage Bacterium & Spoilage Patterns etc.

Job Role - Liaison between Technical Managers & Sites.

On site lab inspections, practical training, new method development, client queries, client investigations.  EQA Monitoring, Trending & Review – Review methods, training etc based on EQA results. Alex has been with the company since graduation from university in 2001 when she started as Microbiologist at our Devon site. Her job roles within the company include, customer services, Microbiology Team Leader, Microbiology Lab Manager –Devon. This diversity on roles has given Alex an understanding of all aspects of work at a site level.


Food Chemistry

Chris Smith BSc MRSC–

Position - Food Chemistry Technical Manager (Rotherham)

Job Role - Chris brings to the business over 19 years experience in the analysis of food and is a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry. He joined ALcontrol in 1995 and was Deputy Manager of the Shrewsbury Chemistry department before becoming Laboratory Manager at Rotherham in 2008. His role involves providing technical support and advice to clients, performing audits, delivering training courses and managing all aspects of the laboratory's quality system.



Molecular Biology



Dr Emma Ridley –

Position - Molecular Business Manager

Job Role - Emma is the Molecular Business Manager at our Rotherham site.  Emma’s expertise covers our range of services including meat speciation, fish identification, GMO screening, rapid microbiological methods and allergen PCR testing. The Molecular Team consists of highly trained molecular biologists with significant experience and understanding of technical aspects of the tests. Emma has previously worked in laboratories at Cornell University, Oxitec Ltd and Syngenta.  Emma completed her PhD in 2011 investigating the impact of chlortetracycline treatment on Aedes aegypti and Drosophila melanogaster using molecular techniques including PCR, qPCR, microarray and 454 pyrosequencing. If you have any questions regarding the methods above or mosquitoes then feel free to ask….we don’t bite!