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Filters, Ferrographics & Investigation

Our investigative chemists also offer specialist investigations on filters, sludges, debris and deposits. There is no default test suite for these test suites as they can be so varied and it is usually based on a question from the client. The technical chemist will then decide on which tests are required to answer the clients questions.

Typical questions can usually be split into two main categories:

Identification questions – Identifying a material for a client that has entered or formed in their system

  • What is this material?
  • Are these two materials the same?
  • Which one of these materials is the contaminant?


Cause – discovering why the equipment has failed or has running problems

  • Why has my machine failed?
  • Why has my filter blocked?
  • My customers Machine has failed. Is this a valid warranty claim?

Typically the cost of this type of investigation is £150 + VAT. However, since each case is very unique and requires specialist investigation please contact or telephone +44 (0) 1492 574750 for a quotation