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Food Chemistry & Microbiology


Food Chemistry

Our two dedicated Food Chemistry laboratories at Rotherham and Shrewsbury are both UKAS accredited and offer the full range of in-house nutritional testing required for label declarations. Our standard range of test offerings are a full nutritional or basic nutritional, although individual tests can be conducted as required.


The Full Nutritional suite will provide results for;

Moisture, Ash, Fat, Protein, Sugar, Sodium, Sodium Expressed as Salt, Fatty Acid Profile, AOAC Fibre, Available Carbohydrate, Total Carbohydrate and Energy Values


Our Basic Nutritional suite will provide results for;

Moisture, Ash, Fat, Protein, Total Carbohydrate and Energy Values

The laboratory can also test for preservatives (Sulphite, Nitrites & Nitrates) , Rancidity (FFA & PV) and microbiological growth limiting parameters ( pH, Water Activity)


We also offer the Meat and Fish content tests including:

Total meat content by Stubbs & More method

MPR 2003 by clitravi method (includes a Hydroxyproline /collagen test )

If you are unsure and require clarification of which of these tests you require please call either of our laboratories.

Additionally, click here to link to our decision tree


We offer the following range of turnaround times to ensure you meet your reporting deadlines

10 day turnaround

6 day fast turnaround

3 day priority turnaround by prior arrangement



Food Microbiology

Each of our 5 UKAS accredited & Retailer Approved food microbiology laboratories offer a comprehensive range of methods for the isolation of microorganisms of interest either because they act as process hygiene indicators, can lead to food spoilage or human illness (pathogens) utilising rapid methods where appropriate.


SYNLAB offers methods for the following pathogens using cultural (ISO and Non-ISO based) methodologies;

Detection and Enumeration of Listeria monocytogenes and Listeria spp.*

Detection of Salmonella spp. *

Detection of Campylobacter spp.

Detection of E. coli O157

Detection of Vibrio parahaemolyticus and V. cholerae

Enumeration of E. coli

Enumeration of Coagulase Positive Staphylococci (S. aureus)

Enumeration of Clostridium perfringens

Enumeration of Bacillus cereus

Rapid methodologies also available for pathogens marked with * 



In addition SYNLAB offers the following indicator methods used to monitor process hygiene or microbial/product quality;

Aerobic Colony Count

Enumeration of Coliforms

Enumeration of Enterobactericeae

Enumeration of Enterococci

Enumeration of Pseudomonas spp.

Enumeration of Yeasts & Moulds

Enumeration of Osmophilic Yeasts & Moulds

Enumeration of Sulphite Reducing Clostridia

Enumeration of Lactic Acid Bacteria/Lactobacillus spp.




In addition to food analysis SYNLAB can offer the following services;

Shelf-life evaluations following both standard storage and abuse protocols

UKAS accredited analysis of animal feeds in accordance with ABP (Enforcement) (England) Regulation 2011 No. 881 as implemented by EU142/2011 -Shrewsbury lab

UKAS accredited analysis of environmental swab and air plate samples

UKAS accredited analysis of water samples for further information/details; CLICK HERE