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Fuel Analysis

SYNLAB test all types of fuel systems including Diesel, Biofuel and marine fuels such as MGO and HFO to the following fuel standards EN590, BS2869 ISO 8217 and EN14214. We identify problems with fuel quality, fuel system faults and are involved heavily in warranty issues and help our customers correct fuel faults. Our typical categories of customers include:

Fuel Suppliers and Fuel Shipment – As part of any fuel supplier’s quality control they need a lab they can trust to ensure their product meets the highest quality requirements for the fuel standards before it can be sold to the public. Likewise, before fuel tankers and vessels leave port they need documentation to confirm the fuel they are shipping (and using) meets the required standards. SYNLAB is often the go to lab for both these industries.

Any company with fuel Bulk storage Tanks – Many large businesses have an onsite fuel storage tank to store fuel for their fleet of equipment. It may surprise you to find out these tanks breathe leading to dirt and water ingress over time and hence microbial (bacteria, fungi, yeast and mould) growth commonly referred to as a “fuel bug”. As water is denser than fuel both the water and microbial growth tend to collect at the bottom of the storage tank, which is often where the fuel is drawn from to fill the vehicles. Water impairs the combustion process in your equipment and microbes tend to collect in fuel filters causing them to block preventing fuel delivery. In both cases your fuel system will develop a fault. Therefore, our customers send regular analysis samples from bulk storage tanks for dirt, water and microbial content to assess if the fuel has become contaminated over time.

Vehicle Warranty Cases – These can come from the equipment manufacturer or from the end customer, but these help our customers ensure that warranty claims on vehicles are only paid when valid. For instance, the most common enquiry is to confirm if a Diesel Vehicle has been filled with petrol, which would invalidate many warranties. If the OEM did not request this test they risk paying out on a large warranty claim that is not valid. Equally, an end user with an invalidated warranty claim can use SYNLAB’s fluid analysis for confirmation that there was no misfueling.

Marine Fuel Analysis – Bunker fuel testing provides the support that is demanded for your fleet by combining time, quality and cost-effective analysis of your samples. A 24hr turnaround or better as standard for you and your clients, all samples are tested to the ISO 8217:2005 or ISO 8217:2010, dependant on your needs and requirements. This guarantee ensures that the machinery and crew on board your vessel(s) is not exposed to un-necessary risk by using non-tested fuel