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Landfill and Waste Management

SYNLAB deliver a comprehensive service for landfill site owners, operators and others involved in regulatory reporting to environmental regulators. In addition, we provide dedicated suites and practical advice where needed in many aspects of waste categorisation, with fast and cost effective solutions offered for Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) testing.

Our technical specialists have a solid depth of experience in WAC testing, including more recent implications of the WM2 guidance. Apart from UK and Irish market understanding, they have recently been involved in establishing zero head space extraction methods for testing under recently released South African legislation and in support of customers active in that region.

The @mis system offers the flexibility to interface seamlessly with complete environmental permitting programmes such as Monitor-Pro or to provide data management capability separately, storing asset specific permitting thresholds and/or allowing plotting of trend data over time.

Pre-scheduling of sampling is also possible using @mis, allowing establishment of monthly/quarterly /annual test suites and supply of sampling containers ready to use at specific WAC testing sample points.