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Marine & Shipping

Vessel owners and operators must ensure their vessel(s) remain on schedule and afloat. SYNLAB global logistic network, combined with its testing and oil condition diagnostics expertise, instils the confidence you need. Our World Class Fuel Oil section will analyse and report your bunkered sample within 24hrs of receipt, ensuring the product meets specification.

How we can help

• Reduce vessel downtime     • Identify excessive fuelling     • Reduce unnecessary oil changes

• Identify poor fuel supplies and contamination     • Reduce your overall Carbon Footprint

• Extend oil drain intervals – reducing lubricant costs & waste production     

• Independent analysis in warranty cases to identify the root cause of failure


Types of Analysis

  • Lubricated systems: Detecting contamination, confirming suitability of the lubricant, monitoring wear metals and identify root causes of problems before they lead to a failure. Systems monitored include Emergency Engines, Scrape-down systems, Stern-tubes, Bow thrusters, Crane Hydraulics, Control Pitch Propellers, Remote Control Valves and Thermal Oils
  • Fuel Systems: Test Fuel oil to full ISO 8217 specifications with various custom test suites. Identify water, microbes and contaminated on site bulk storage tanks.
  • OWS Systems – Ensure vessel’s water discharge meets the local and international specifications.
  • Coolant Systems – Anti-freeze, in addition to preventing freezing, has an important role of cooling the engine and protecting it from corrosion. If your engine oil is not lasting as long as it should, or your engine is running hot, the coolant condition may be a good place to start.

Lubetrend is an exceptionally powerful tool for you to use to access your results, trend data and control your entire proactive maintenance programme with a few simple mouse clicks.


To explain every feature would easily double the length of this document, but below are some of the key features you can do with


• Full on-line & Mobile App access to data & trending, with sample registration available      


• Compare system performance across all your assets


• Gather data by make, model, oil brand & grade, site reference & any other field recorded


• Multiple download options available for onward reporting flexibility


  reporting your data online