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Molecular Biology


Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology is used to characterise, isolate and manipulate the molecular components of cells and organisms.  These components include:


  • DNA – the home of genetic information
  • RNA – similar to DNA and can be a temporary working copy of DNA.
  • Proteins – the structural molecules in cells


SYNLAB have invested in a state of the art Molecular Biology Department at our Rotherham site. Our laboratory facilities benefit from continuous investment in the most advanced equipment and systems, and in highly trained teams of scientists, technicians and managers.  We have designed, optimised and validated a range of tests which support our customers.  These tests include:


  • Allergens by PCR
  • Allergens by ELISA
  • Fish Speciation
  • Meat Speciation
  • Rapid Microbiology & Genetic Fingerprinting Technology to trace sources of bacterial contamination.
  • GMO Screening


If you have any questions regarding the Molecular Biology Department then please contact our experts at