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BSRIA publish free ‘at a glance’ guide to Legionella

BSRIA Testing

Expert building services and construction organisation BSRIA have published a free ‘at a glance’ guide to Legionella.

The guide summarises all essential legislation, government guidance, key facts as well as risk management tips and where to find out more. 


Are you worried about what’s in your food?


How sure are you about the contents of your food? A shocking report has revealed that hot dog sausages from a number of brands contain substituted ingredients not stated on the label, some including human DNA. 

A series of monthly reports giving consumers a ‘unique look’ into the food supply of a variety of brands and retailers has been produced.

Hot Pepper Pickle recalled due to undeclared mustard

A wide variety of substances can cause allergic reactions, resulting in serious health issues. 

Our dedicated allergens laboratory offers a wide range of accredited allergen methods on food products, identifying all 14 allergens to guarantee customer assurance, including mustard. 

Our fast, reliable testing facilities and methods, supported by strong customer service, promise dependable results that give our customers the confidence they need to act upon them.  

Healthcare Estates Conference, 20th-21st October 2015

"Healthcare efficiency through innovation" 

SYNLAB will be attending the Healthcare Estates exhibition and conference on 20th-21st of October 2015.

Venue: Manchester Central          Click here for more venue details

Do you trust your food?

Food Label

Consumers have a right to know what’s in the food they buy. At SYNLAB, we believe it's necessary that customers have accurate information to feel reassured about what’s in their food and where it has come from. That's why we offer back of pack label checking.

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