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Other/Testing to support Environmental Permitting Compliance

SYNLAB undertakes effluent and other discharge testing in support of Environment Agency (and other regulators in overseas markets) Permitting Compliance. Typically this is in the form of a range of specific tests, or small test suites, agreed with the regulator and conducted to a regular reporting cycle (weekly/monthly/quarterly/annually).

This type of testing lends itself perfectly to our @mis solution where the specific test thresholds can be entered into the system and breaches reported real time as they are cleared from lab analysis equipment. We frequently do this for customers, inputting directly from a test/compliance schedule they have received from a regulator and providing guidance on setting up the regular tests needed on @mis. Trending is also possible from @mis, highlighting quickly when a particular effluent/ discharge is heading towards a breach.

It isn’t possible to categorise every customer type as testing is conducted for a wide range, covering many different private and commercial areas of interest. Please use the links below to contact us if you have a question relating to a specific situation or contaminant for which there isn’t an explicit coverage in these web pages.