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Pan-European Lab

We recognise that in an increasingly pan-European/Global marketplace many of our customers require analytical testing services outside their home market base. Our scale, combined with the growing sophistication and reach of our international logistics partners, allows us to provide a network of capabilities to support our customers and ensure compliance with out of country regulations. Specifically:

  • For Multi-National Customers we provide services that allow the same service provision to be provided in multiple markets on a uniform basis with common ordering, reporting and testing basis;
  • For Food Producers we can test products for export to multi-country regulations;
  • For Environmental Consultants undertaking multi-country due diligence projects we can ensure common testing, using consistent methods, and to reporting standards that meet their end client requirements
  • For Engineering Construction and Consulting teams overseeing projects abroad, either directly on-site or via 3rd party contractors, we can deliver the same consistent level of service for their project, supporting logistics planning in supply of sampling equipment and secure repatriation of samples. We specialise in import of problematic samples and remote team support.

In all of the above cases our investment in @mis and our other data management solutions ensures we maintain effective control and deliver real-time visibility from sampling to reporting.