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Remediation Contractors


We appreciate the tight timescales for obtaining test results and significant capital deployment needed on the part of remediation contractors in carrying out their work. A strong, consistent and reliable laboratory partner with capacity and capability to deliver is essential.

SYNLAB has long experience in supporting large –scale and smaller remediation projects across the UK, Ireland and abroad. Where accelerated turnaround times are needed, beyond the standard, we have the capacity and resources to react quickly in setting up priority streams and ensuring turnaround promises aren’t just made but are delivered.

Recent large-scale experience has included The Avenue Coking Works project in Chesterfield, Europe’s largest remediation project. Here, the combination of SYNLAB’s deep lab resources and effective data management using @mis, has supported remediation on a significant scale with reliable timely reporting ensuring optimal use of both material and equipment on site.
Specialist solutions for soil testing, asbestos testing, WAC testing, leachates testing and asphalt testing are all available as routine. Our technical teams can provide significant support in pre-project planning, advising and recommending the most appropriate test regimes to meet the remediation plan and ensure that timing of lab result outputs supports site progress.

@mis has considerable flexibility to allow consultant, contractor and any other interested parties (eg. regulators on major projects) complete visibility of test results. In addition the capability to input GAC or other site specific risk criteria into @mis means that real-time alerting can speed up access to specific test results, allowing faster decision making on site.



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