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What we test for you - Specialist Testing

We can offer technical advice and non-routine work for projects that may be outside the scope of more standardised chemical analysis. Our team of technical specialists led by our Technical Director are on hand to provide guidance. This could include reaching lower LoDs on routine tests offered in our main production test list.

Examples of projects we've undertaken include:

  • Work on non-standard matrices including product samples
  • Site specific contaminants which are not covered in other suites of analysis
  • BARGE and FOREhST bioaccessibility testing
  • Zero Headspace extraction method for accurate leachate determination of VOCs
  • Silonite coated gas canister for soil gas testing, sub-slab and ambient air for VOCs and TPH to ppb levels
  • Detailed forensic hydrocarbon work
  • Bench scale remediation trials
  • Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) testing

We have a dedicated team of six technical specialists who are constantly improving our existing products and services. Sitting outside the main laboratory processes they work to drive improvement in analytical approaches. Contact us to discuss your bespoke analytical requirements.

Bioaccessibility testing

silonate gas canister sampling and analysis