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Striving for Excellence

SYNLAB strives to provide the very best service in Food and Environmental testing across Europe. Our approach is to listen to our customers, be easy to work with and provide fast reliable testing and support. Customer confidence in our service is our goal day in, day out. Every sample matters. We also want to innovate and improve.

Our approach to testing is simple: we use our expertise and experience to rapidly deliver reliable results so our customers waste little time waiting and interpreting our findings - just acting on them. We listen to our customers and take pride in providing the service they want. If we make a mistake we acknowledge it and try harder. 

Our service depends on talking to our customers and continually developing the SYNLAB team. With over 1,500 trained staff we operate in 11 European countries and have a substantial skills and knowledge base to support our customers. We are one integrated business with common values and share best practice and innovation across borders. We are also expanding and our favourite opportunities are where customers invite us to bring SYNLAB value to new markets.

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