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Confidence to Act

At SYNLAB we recognise that our service is of vital importance to our customers business. Whether they are dealing with soil, water, food or oil the test results are used to make safety, brand protection and environmental decisions that can impact human health, people’s livelihoods and the environment. SYNLAB’s first responsibility is to provide reliable results and to give our customers the confidence to act upon them. 


SYNLAB's commitment to give Confidence to Act is founded on:

• Commitment of all our people to the integrity of results, supported by understanding of the value of the results to the customer, each of our roles in delivering reliable results and extensive training in our methods;

• Reliable scientific accredited test methods, often specialist and proprietary based on many years of industry specific scientific development;

• Our commitment to deliver results with ease and speed enabling timely decisions;

• Availability of scientific advisors to provide expert advice where needed to enable customers to better interpret the information;

• A vibrant quality management system, open-mindedness to new ideas and on-going participation in external proficiency testing schemes with excellent results;

• Continual investment in our network of commercial laboratories and state of the art equipment and IT solutions to maximise the value of sample information.

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