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Water - Reporting Your Data


Reporting Your Data 

@MIS is our 24/7 internet portal, allowing you access to your data whenever you need it, wherever you are, via your laptop, phone or PDA (all you need is an internet connection), by simply logging onto our website –

@MIS provides easy real time access to sample results, access to a library of completed certificates of analysis and an online document store that holds the documents you require in one place. SYNLAB has also developed and implemented an innovative trending analysis package that is quick and easy to use and delivers a multitude of different report formats.

SYNLAB @MIS gives you the ability to view and search your samples in many different ways. Intuitive drill downs are available to group your samples by date, by batch, by sample type or by specification. Elevated or out of specification results are clearly shown enabling you to identify any potential issues quickly.

Advanced searches allow you to easily filter you’re your data. The results can then be exported into many different excel formats. Sample statistics can also be included in the exports highlighting any elevated or out of specification results.

However, @MIS is not simply for accessing data, and one of the most useful functions is the industry leading trending capabilities SYNLAB have designed and implemented.

SYNLAB trending analysis enables you to spot a pattern or trend in your data allowing you to identify and eliminate potential problems before they become an issue. It also allows you to use historical results to predict future outcomes. The following features are available in @MIS trending:

• Filters all samples quickly
• Access to historical data
• Trend across multiple sites at the click of a button
• Highlights trends in your data
• Very quick and easy to use
• Multiple animated chart formats
• Trend by sample, test or result
• Display year on year analysis
• Linked data allows you to see what is causing the problem
• Export the data and charts into Excel for use in your own reports

SYNLAB is committed to ensuring that @MIS is the industry leading reporting solution for our partners. Your Account Manager or a Customer System Support representative is able to give a demonstration of @mis functionality, and can provide a log in and password.


As a user of @MIS your opinions and comments are invaluable to us. We would love to hear any feedback or suggestions you have. For further information or to send us any comments please email us at or call us on 08450 738808