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Organic Chemistry - An Introduction to Environmental Testing (24th June 2015)

An overview of organic chemistry, including classes of organic chemicals, extraction techniques, boiling points and laboratory equipment.


Bioaccessibility (13th October 2014)

An introduction to SYNLAB’s bioaccessibility testing.

Speciality Testing (28th May 2014) 

An introduction to SYNLAB’s speciality testing services; including routine lab analysis for less common analytes and advanced approaches to risk assessment. Also covered were bespoke analysis and how SYNLAB collaborate with our pan-European sister laboratories to offer a great range of tests. 


Inorganic Chemistry - Techniques and Interpretation (9th April 2014) 

This webinar will give an in-depth explanation of extraction and analysis techniques used for determining the concentration of inorganic contaminants and metals. The correct preservatice bottles will also be covered. There will also be elements of data interpretation such as the nitrogen tree, BOD, COD and TOC relationships.


Environmental testing for Site Investigation contractors (26th March 2014)

An overview of SYNLAB’s service and an explanation of how SYNLAB can add value to the Site Investigation contractor’s offering. Also discussed were the practical aspects of working with SYNLAB and a description of some of the innovations SYNLAB have developed to make your working life easier, faster and more cost effective. 


Sample Receipt and Preparation (12th March 2014)

This Webinar will cover the critical part of the laboratory process from prior to sample receipt through to initial preparation of samples. There will be information on sample receipt process, how to ensure fast turnaround for time critical determinands, how different hazards (including asbestos, biological, chemical and radioactive) are handled and should be communicated, preparation techniques, sample descriptions, sample homogeneity and scheduling.


Sampling Guide and Good Practice (26th February 2014)

Sampling is a key component of the investigation of potentially contaminated sites. This webinar will focus on good practice techniques for the transport, handling and preservation of samples from a laboratory perspective.


Introduction to SYNLAB and Quality (12th February 2014)

This webinar will cover the fundamentals of an accredited laboratory. Various topics will be introduced that will be the focus of more detailed investigation in later webinars. Topics to be introduced include: Quality (including LOD’s, precision and bias), scheduling, sample prep, asbestos, laboratory test suites, units (and unit conversions), moisture content, inorganic and organic chemistry.


Asbestos in Soil (29 January 2014)

Asbestos in Soil is currently one of the most widely debated topics within the contaminated land community; considering the widespread use of asbestos in past construction, the number of buildings demolished on sites for redevelopment, and the disturbance and movement of soil during site investigations, remediation, and redevelopment, there is obviously cause for concern regarding the risks. This webinar will highlight the issues surrounding asbestos in soil and will discuss SYNLAB's accredited testing services for the identification and quantification of asbestos.


UK Waste Guidance - Implications of recent updates to WM2 (23rd October 2013) 

This Webinar will touch on the high level directives and concentrate on the UK specific guidance. There will be particular emphasis on the recently released WM2 version 3 and associated Environment Agency Waste Sampling & Testing for Disposal to Landfill and how these affect laboratory testing for waste producers and those wanting to dispose of waste at landfills.


Introduction to @mis - Online scheduling and reporting service (2nd October 2013)

@mis is SYNLAB’s innovative web-based scheduling and reporting service - it enables instant access to test data; in real time, 24/7 - whether you're in the office or out in the field. This webinar provides an overview of the @mis system and explain it’s capabilities in improving the speed and efficiency with which soil and water analytical data is processed and analysed.

Gas Canister Sampling and Analysis (20th November 2013)

Direct soil gas and sub-slab gas measurements are increasingly used to measure the inhalation risk from Volatile Organic Compounds and Volatile Petroleum Hydrocarbons. This webinar will focus on the ease of use and flexibility of Silonite coated gas canisters for field sampling and the robustness of the subsequent laboratory analysis of these compounds.

Perfluroinated Compounds - Uses, Legislation and Analysis (4th September 2013)

Perfluorinated Compounds (PFC) are a group of synthetic chemicals that are used in a variety of consumer and industrial applications.  The best-known and most widely analysed compound in this group is Perfluorooctane Sulfonate (PFOS), which is Toxic, Persistent and Bioaccumulative. Recently, concern has also been expressed about other PFS compounds. SYNLAB has acted upon this by expanding our testing services 


All webinars are password protected, please Contact Us to receive your password.