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ALcontrol organises its business into three district focus areas in order to serve customers in the most effective way. Our business comprises;

Food & Waters
Food producers and retailers requiring compliance, investigatory of product development testing in order to operate their food supply and retail business:

Environmental testing for consultants, remediation contractors, landfill and waster management companies, site investigation specialists, the water industry and other professional service businesses focused on protecting the environment

Oil & Fuel
Oil & Fuel testing for marine, air, transportation and power businesses that require testing of lubricants and fuels as part of their maintenance and emissions systems.

Food & Waters  Environmental  Oil & Fuel

Food Producers  Environmental Consultants  Road & Rail Transport

Food Retailers  Remediation Contractors  Marine & Shipping

Water - Facilities Management  Landfill and Waste Management  construction, mining and industrial

Water - Local Authorities  Site Investigation  Power Generation

Water Treatment Companies  Other/Testing to support environmental permitting compliance  Power distribution